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Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.“We came back from CES,” Dias says, “and started trying to understand what people running and cycling want from wearables. We saw people carrying phones for emergencies, people with earbuds listening to music, and people wearing lots of devices giving data, like wristbands and chest-strap monitors. We didn’t see any interpretation of the data.”Oakley and Intel began working together in March 2014. “At the time,” Dias says, “we knew we were going to do a coaching product, but we had a blank slate.”“We did know we wanted the Radar glasses as the form factor, says Croteau.Fake Oakleys Sale. “Radar was a successful product, and it was already out there.”Intel brought in its team of social scientists, and they held focus groups and mock coaching sessions with athletes and coaches to find out exactly what kind of information coaches would give athletes during their training.“We really focused on usability—we don’t need to put two pounds of stuff on your head, just what you will use,” Croteau says. That’s how they decided to go audio only.The system gives you updates quantitatively (“Your heart rate is…”), says Dias.  But it will also answer more complicated questions, like “Why should I run faster up this hill?” It will also connect you to your music library or agents like Siri, for answers to key questions like “I’m almost done with my run. Where’s the nearest Jamba Juice?” An Intel executive is reportedly already using the noise-canceling microphone array to conduct conference calls while biking to work.Cheap Knockoff Oakleys .

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